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Eating Grapes in Spain

Get your New Year’s health resolutions off to a good start, thanks to Spain’s tradition of eating 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight. It’s harder than it sounds (people even practice for it), but if you’re successful, tradition says you’ll have a year of prosperity. The place to do it is in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid for Nochevieja (or New Year’s Eve). Join the crowds, who will have 12 grapes in one hand and a glass of cava in the other. Stick around as it turns into a big party or head out to dance until the early hours of the morning at one of the city’s clubs. 

Smashing Plates in Denmark

Smashing things against someone’s house might be considered bad luck — but in Denmark, people hold on to chipped dishes and glasses all year just for New Year’s Eve. That night, they go around to the homes of friends and family and smash them against their front doors. The more shards you have on your doorstep the next morning, the more popular you are. 

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Our butcher are chops the best quality meat.
Best quality meat is chop my by our botcher.

My aunt cooks meat finely for her lamb stew.
Meat is cooked finely for her lamb stew.

Traditional winemakers crush grapes with their feet.
Grapes are crushes with feet in traditional winemaking.

Good barman must the beer pour the beer slowly to avoid froth.
Beer must are pour slowly to avoid froth.

You mustn’t sprinkle too much salt on the salad.
A little salt must are sprinkles on the salad.

Village woman still bake their

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2. How many emails is written every day.
3. Chocolate is sold in almost every country in the world.
4. Rice in not grown in England, it is grown in Spain.
5. Are most emails sent from home computers?
6. Ferrari cars are made in Italy.

The litter is picked up every morning.

3. A lot of trees are cat down every year.

4. Too much water is wasted by people.

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Grammar 1


While I was walking down the street yesterday. I seed a friend of mine. He was looking in a shop window. I was starting to cross the road to say hello to him. While I crossed the road. I herded a noise. A bus was stopping very close to me. I was lucky it don’t him me.



  1. They ran home quickly.
  2. She smiled happily.
  3. My brother speaks French fluently.
  4. The hairdresser cut my hair very badly.
  5. I answered all the questions easily.
  6. Our team played very went.
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Grammar Questions

1. The roof is full ________ trash.

a) on

b) to

c) with

d) of

2. Now the building is a much ________ place to live.

a) nice

b) nicer

c) nicest

d) more nice

3. The neighbors help take care ________ the plants in the garden.

a) to

b) of

c) about

d) for