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May 18-22

Read the text, translate the last passage into English:

Miss Green was very fat. She weighed 100 kilos, and she was getting heavier every month, so she went to see her doctor.

He said, ‘You need a diet, Miss Green, and I’ve got a good one here.’ He gave her a small book and said, ‘Read this carefully and eat the things on page 11 every day. Then come back and see me in two weeks’ time.’

Miss Green came again two weeks later, but she wasn’t thinner: she was fatter. The doctor was surprised and said, ‘Are you eating the things on page 11 of the small book?’

‘Yes, doctor,’ she answered.

The next day, The doctor visited Miss Green at dinner time. The girl was very surprised seeing him.

-“Miss Green,” said the doctor, “why do you eat potatoes and bread?”. They are not included in your diet.

-“But, doctor,” replied Miss Green, “I am watching for breakfast in my diet”. This is my dinner.

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My favorite people

My favorite people it’s my family. I love so much my family. For every person his family is Better, I think that all people agree with me. I think so too, because the best family for me is mine. Dearest people for me are my family members. I spend more time with my family during this quarantine, than that we were going to class. There is a small child in our family named Vache. We all love him. Hi is our joy. We named Vache after my grandfather Vachik.

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Զատկական նախագծեր / Easter projects

Easter in Armenia

The feast of Holy Resurrection is also called Easter, which means deliverance, deliverance from sins and returns to God. Easter is considered to be one of the greatest holidays of the Old and the New Testament.

This year, in 2020 Easter in Armenia is going to be celebrated on April 12, so make sure to visit Armenia during this date!
Here are the upcoming dates of Easter in Armenia:
Year             Date of Easter celebration
2020             April 12
2021             April 4
2022             April 17
2023             April 9
2024             March 31

2025             April 20

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  • When did you first use the Internet?
    I use internet for the first time when I was in school homework․
  • About how many hours a day do you use the Internet?
    I use the Internet more than 6 hours a day.
  • What are some security issues you must think about when you access the Internet?
  • Have you ever bought something using the Internet?
  • How can the internet help you learn English? Do you take advantage of this?
    Yes, when I am free, I often learn English on the Internet.
  • Do you use the Internet for fun or education?
  • What are the sites you most commonly access?
    Here is this․սովորել-անգլերեն
  • What is the best thing about the Internet?
    The best thing about the internet is that there is a website for learning a foreign language.
  • Is it expensive to access the Internet by mobile phone in your country?
    They are not that expensive․
  • Do you think that it is important for schools to have Internet access? Why?
    Yes it is needed.
    Because our school only uses computers
  • Can you believe all the information that is published (available) on the Internet?
  • Do you think that people should put photos of their fr